Love and ADD

Hi. My name is Kirsten (KUR-sten). And you have officially entered my new project: Love and ADD, the newest internet bloggedy blog exploring the inner workings of a highly complex, easily excitable, happily confused and vastly unfocused 25 year old female brain.


The idea for this little adventure began in an Employee Dining Room far, far away when I was told, explicitly, that if I ever wrote a memoir it should be titled Love and ADD, because what two words better describe little old me? And so a joke became an idea, and that idea led to silly journal entries about my adventures and those silly journal entries seemed maybe okay enough for my adoring fans (of which there are at least 2…Hi, Mom. Hi, Kev) to read. And so I thought to myself, why not? Get with the times and jump on that self-published crazy train. And so, here we are.

What is this blog about, you ask? Well…allow me to explain with a totally hip, pop-culture anecdote. Once while watching some quality television, an episode of SpongeBob Square Pants spoke to me. In said episode, SpongeBob embarks on becoming the perfect waiter at the Krusty Krab restaurant. He studies the art of fine dining so diligently that he does in fact become the perfect waiter, but there’s a catch: all other non-restaurant related information has been wiped from his brain to make room.

There’s a point to this, I promise.

Eventually, when a delighted patron asks for his name, SpongeBob is unable to locate it and all hell breaks loose within his head. The following scene depicts the break down as it is happening inside the poor, perfect little waiter’s brain. It looks somewhat like an office in there, with desks and filing cabinets; a large amount of miniature SpongeBobs are manning the space. As the mad search for his name commences, the mini SpongeBobs frantically rip through the cabinets and drawers, completely freaking out as their office burns to the floor because they are utterly unable to identify themselves. It was pretty funny.

I suppose that’s how I picture the inside of my own brain: a small, nay, medium-sized office space run by a bunch of miniature Kirstens. And while trucking through life, I’ve been filling those filing cabinets with 25 years of adventure logs and just about any weird thought that might go along with them. And wouldn’t you say it’s time to start purging before I run out of room and forget my own totally awesome name and send those mini Kirstens into panic mode?

Alright, so, I suppose maybe my “new project” is, rather, a mental break down prevention plan. The ADD part should be obvious: the silliest of my thoughts seem to have little to no through line, so each entry in this blog will stand alone from all other entries. And the Love part, well, I am pretty lucky to be surrounded by some wonderful people who do love me, and I love them and so much about everything that surrounds us all, really; therefore, I plan to focus my writing on the positive happenings in my life, or at the very least, compose a positively humorous spin on the not so positive happenings.

And there you have it. Once again, welcome. To my at least 2 adoring fans, I thank you for indulging me. And to the rest of you, I hope, quite sincerely, that you find something worthwhile in this little bit of silliness.

Here goes nothing.