About Kirsten

5 things you should know about Kirsten:

1. After seeing Michael Bay’s Pearl Harbor in 2011, she wrote a fan letter to Josh Hartnett because she was 100% certain she had fallen hopelessly in love for the first time; he just had to know how she felt.

2. A boyfriend once told her she has Hobbit Feet.

3. A favorite spot in her hometown of Detroit is a parking structure – once the grand Michigan Theatre. The ornate ceiling and proscenium are still intact, rotting and exuding an eerie sort of beauty.

4. She’s 28 and it only sucks because her metabolism is slowing down.

5. She once had a summer job playing a Suffragist at The Henry Ford Museum/Greenfield Village in Dearborn, MI.

But for realsies: Kirsten is an LA-based screenwriter, playwright, director, choreographer and producer.  You can catch more of her quirky opinions on life and love at The Gaggle, or follow her on Instagram or Twitter @KirstenKnisely.